Here's what our Dream Parents say

It is almost 4 months that our dream baby was born and I still remember and still happy that we decided to open our hearts and mind to mindful birthing ... I remember this day as I remember our labour... We were so anxious and excited about being parents... We had 3 amazing meetings with Clodagh before our Dream Baby was born and it was the most important thing we've ever done.
We got a lot of important information that made difference throughout our pregnancy. I was surprised and amazed about how powerful our minds are and how powerful our breathing is!

Believe... every single advice will make a huge difference at the Big Day! 
Clodagh is a natural source of positivity and calmness, and the fact that she is a mamma, gave us extra confidence! She was amazing sharing with us her experience. Every advice, information and tips were so important! 
We couldn't imagine that how important is to have knowledge about how things are working in my body could help us with every decision and step until the big day! And also, how important Dad's role is!

My partner was the key for our success! He helped me a lot, reminding me breathing and telling me the waves were almost gone and also telling the team of midwives what we've discussed and decided for this amazing moment, I did not need to worry about everything and he reminded me all the time I was not alone because we were and are a great TEAM! Seeing him so confident there and taking control about the decisions was very relieving and so, I could take care of our Baby! Yes Daddy, you can do it! 
But, it's not all the great things about The Dream Birth Co! There are many! When my husband was already back to work and I was there, with a new role, with my baby in my arms, thinking if I could do it, if I would be enough. .. Clodagh came to our home for a Birth reflection, reminding me that I just brought my Baby into the World and it is and always will be a very special moment!

Thank you again and again for every single word of encouragement and positivity!
Thank you for highlighting the most important things about having a Baby: it's natural process!
Thank you for sharing your knowledge 

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