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We want to acknowledge how difficult this time is for everyone. In these uncertain times we want to continue to support you, your birth partner and your baby as best we can. We created this page so you can keep informed, calm and positive. A space where you can find FREE tools and resources

We are stronger together


We created this short mindful check in for you to listen to whenever you feel anxious. We recommend you listen to this meditation whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed or anxious. Remember the power of your breath.  

A mindful check in Clodagh Connell
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Our Mission

To make Mindful Birthing accessible, digital and simple. This stands stronger than ever.

Here is how we are adapting to this virus. 



All coaching will be online only from now. We cancelled our group classes this weekend and next month. We want to err on the side of caution until we know more. 



We are both working from home and will be working hard to deliver more content for you related to COVID 19, how to cope with social distancing, and how to prepare mindfully for birth. We are working with expert health professionals to keep up to date with daily findings. 



Let’s keep things simple. The news about COVID 19 is overwhelming. We are here to deliver easy to understand content that will help you keep calm, safe and birth confident. 

Here's what we are doing to support you.

We understand that this may be an even more stressful time for you if you're expecting a baby or a new parent. Many antenatal courses and NCT classes have been cancelled. That's why we decided to offer free one hour sessions to any parent-to-be or new parent who may need it (via video conferencing).

All our classes ( Group and 1:1 ) are now online only via video call. If you would like to book an expert birth coaching call and receive a comprehensive personalised antenatal course please continue to book the same way as always on our booking page. If you are interested in creating a bespoke package please email us :

 We are keeping up to date with national guidelines so we stay informed on COVID-19 and pregnancy. To learn more please check out what the Royal Collage of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists have published on the 3rd of April. 

We are creating special corona virus related content that is informative yet positive. Its important that you being safe while still looking after your mental health and self care practices. All our content is free and will feature on our instagram, weekly newsletter and website. 


 New audio created to get you through this challenging time will be launched soon.


We are going to do our best to accommodate everyone with our free one hour session, even if this means becoming creative and working around our babies nap time, we will make it happen. 

We are committed to helping you feel supported, calm and birth confident.


 If you have any ideas on how we an best support you during this time please do reach out and let us know. 

Stay safe and healthy, 

Love from founders, 

Clodagh and Marie-Claire

Free Resources

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Music can be very healing in times of stress. We have created a special playlist to help you escape the stress and transport you to a calm space. 

For more music, take a look at our music page where we have curated the best playlist for pregnancy. 


PositiviTEA our virtual meet up, you're invited!

As social distancing becomes our new normal and you may find yourself feeling lonely.It's important to stay connected virtually with your friends and family. Let's use technology mindfully and connect with one another. 

To make sure you are feeling connected with other expectant or new mamas we are hosting our weekly online meet up! If you're craving a good cup of tea and chat with others who get what your going through, we invite you to join us for PositiviTEA. 

We are using Zoom - the video meetings platform to host our virtual get togethers. We welcome all dream birth followers. It's very simple to join, just download the app and use this link to join


If you would like us to send you an invite just click here  drop us an email

Expert Take-over with London Hygienist

Our latest expert takeover on our Instagram was the wonderful Anna Middleton aka @LondonHygienist.

Watch our Instagram Highlight 'Expert Takeovers' to view Anna stories where she answers your questions and gives her expert advice on teeth and gums - how to take care when pregnant and in isolation.


Stay tuned for more expert takeovers coming soon! 

Daily Updates

As we launch new content and more information comes in related to COVID-19 and pregnancy, we will be updating this page. This is not an "official" corona virus web page, but more of a positive place to come to learn useful coping skills and hear about our free servcies. So please, stay tuned and check back here for more FREE tools and resources. 

Thank you, 

Clodagh and Marie-Claire xx