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Choose from our 3 Dream Packages 

Basic Package 

  • 90 minutes online video coaching

  • Audio content

  • Ebook



Deluxe Package

  • Two private one to one coaching sessions at your home

  • In-depth teaching of Dream Birth techniques.

  • Audio and e-book

  • WhatsApp support 

  • Private Facebook group

  • Personalised gifts for you, your birth partner and baby


VIP Package 

  • Two private one to one coaching sessions at your home

  • In-depth teaching of Dream Birth techniques.

  • Audio and e-book

  • Ongoing WhatsApp and phone call support 

  • Private Facebook group 

  • Partners package

  • Home visit birth reflection

  • Luxe mama & baby hamper


 Both you & your partner are entitled to paid time off for antenatal care? 

Basic Package

Weekday evenings 

 60 minutes 

Skype/ Facetime 

From this session you can expect to learn about the science behind mindful birthing, how it works and the benefits for mom, dad and baby.


We focus on the roles of the birth partner so they are fully aware of their  role and responsibilities during the birth.  This session is great if you are beyond  36 weeks as we offer practical information and tools that will help you achieve a Dream Birth.


If there is anything you want to talk about in particular please let us know. Our content for this session does not go deep into mindful birthing and is more of an overview. 

Deluxe Package 

  • Weekdays and weekends

Session 1:

  • 4 hours at second trimester 

Session 2:

  • 4 hours at third trimester 

The deluxe session is our most popular package. Here we offer two personal one to one sessions from the comfort of your own home. We ideally like to offer this coaching as early at 20 weeks and session two before week 36. 

Session One:

  • How the mind is connected to the body.

  • ​Learn how to mediate, practice breathing techniques that benefit you during the different stages of labour. 

  • The power of personal affirmations and the way we think about birth for Dream Mama and Dream Dad.

  • You will learn how to correctly practice  pelvic floor exercises.

  • The role of the birth partner.

  • Your partner will learn how to give you a light touch massage.

  • Fitness and nutrition support in pregnancy.

  • Book recommendations, important reference links and positive birth stories. 

Session Two:

  • Muscles of the uterus and how they work during birth.

  • Prepare not to tear.

  • Recap on pelvic floor exercises.

  • The due month.

  • The Birth Proposal.

  • Ways to deliver your Dream Baby.

  • The Dream List

  • In-depth birth preparation for Dream Partner

  • Responsible birthing.

  • Stages of labour. 

  • The Golden Dream Hour.

  • The Post Partum Plan .

  • Positive birth stories.

The VIP Package 

A time which suits you.


Session 1:

4 hours at second trimester 

Session 2:

4 hours at second trimester 

2 hour birth reflection

The VIP package is the first package of it its kind. When we thought back to our own birth experience one thing we both felt we missed was a coach who was with us at every step of the way. Not only during pregnancy but also during the crucial fourth trimester.

This package includes everything from the Deluxe Package but with an extra level of support and guidance post your new arrival. The visit takes place in those first few weeks at a time that suits you. 

  • Extras Included:

  •  The Dream Birth Partners hamper - full of goodies we have tried and tested for optimal post partum comfort. 

  • Extra support via message and phone.

  • Birth reflection

  • Professional new born photo shoot for the family by our talented photographer.  


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