About Me and why I set up the dream birth company

The Dream Birth Company is a mindfulness company focused on pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

How it all started

The idea first came about during my pregnancy. I really struggled to find a birth preparation course that focused on mindful birthing. Instead what I found was a very outdated version focused solely on “hypnobirthing”. This sparked an idea to rebrand this age old technique and modernise it for the digital generation. It wasn’t really until I gave birth to my daughter that I understood just how powerful these practices were.

My birth was not straight forward or in a calm beautiful birth environment that I had envisioned but using my mindful birthing skills I was able to create my own calm sanctuary throughout. There were many times throughout my birth where I could of easily left my relaxed state but armed with my tools I was able to enjoy my birth and have a dream birth experience despite everything. 


Since becoming a mama I really enjoyed learning more about birth, the power of a positive growth mindset and tools you can learn to ease into motherhood and thrive...not just survive. Further developing the idea, using my medical background as nurse I set about creating fresh new content that spoke to digital and modern parents to be. Taking the very best from hypnobirthing and combining the tools of mindfulness and meditation. With this new concept, parents who appreciate simple, beautiful and accessible content can learn the tools of mindful birthing and experience a Dream Birth.

My mission is to make having a Dream Birth accessible to everyone. So, welcome to the website, I hope to offer you one of my coaching packages and if not please do stay and take a look at our content and audio we offer for free. Explore the website and subscribe to my newsletter to learn more.  


Clodagh xo

The Dream Birth Company Founder









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Clodagh Connell - founder

Mama to Sierra who was born on Christmas Day 2017 

I am an entrepreneur, qualified nurse and a dream mama. I am a fully trained KGH hypnobirthing teacher and a passionate mindfulness content creator.

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