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Frequently asked questions

Is a Dream Birth drug free and pain free?

We are not against pain relief or assisted deliveries, they are great options, if and when you need them. Sometimes they are absolutely necessary to give birth to your baby and keep you both safe. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to have the best possible experience, no matter what type of birth you have. We see all types of births, from home births and water-births to inductions and c-sections. Every birth can be a Dream Birth for you, your partner and your baby with the right preparation and knowledge. Our Dream Mamas often report a feeling of being in a “dream-like state”, and describe their labours and births as powerful and empowering experiences rather than fearful or painful ones. By preparing for a Dream Birth they describe an experience of pressure rather than pain in birth.

Who should attend the course?

Our courses are designed for pregnant women and their birth partners. If you do not have a birth partner we can tailor the course for you. Our courses are suitable for first time parents and all subsequent pregnancies.

Is a Dream Birth the same as Hypnobirthing?

A Dream Birth is much more than Hypnobirthing, not only will you will learn how to achieve a calm, gentle birth such as those typically associated with Hypnobirthing – you will also learn how to be mindful to yourself and your baby throughout your pregnancy and on into parenthood.

The word "hypnobirthing" is outdated and confusing. I felt there was a need for a fresh take on mindful and calm birthing that spoke to today's digital mamas-to-be. I saw first hand how much of a barrier the word "hypnobirthing" was, so I very carefully developed my own unique teaching style. I want everyone to experience an enjoyable birth.

We use mindful birthing techniques along with guided meditation as part of our Dream Birth Company courses - these are taught using one to one coaching and audio tracks that you continue to use during your pregnancy and birth.

We do not hypnotise you, you remain in control at all times.

We are also fully qualified as KGH Hypnobirthing teachers so if youd like your Dream Birth Coach to focus more on hypnobirthing we can do that.

Our Deluxe and VIP packages are full antenatal, birth preparation courses. To book or for more information please email us on or through our packages page.

What is a Dream Birth?

A Dream Birth is a birth that is mindful, calm and a positive experience for you, your birth partner and your baby too! It is a birth without fear or anxiety.

In our comprehensive antenatal Dream Birth courses, you will learn how birth works and how to build a strong posiitve mindset tailored for your pregnancy and birth.

Learn how to release any fear or anxiety that you or your partner may have so you can work towards having the most positive birth experience possible.

You will also learn how to use our guided meditation and breathing techniques for birth.

I believe knowledge is power and I am here to empower you to take control of your birth experience. Dream Mamas often say that giving birth was the most amazing experience and, most importantly, that it was a positive experience – no matter what type of birth they had.

Dream Babies are often relaxed and go on to become very calm babies.

Our courses are designed for both parents; teaching each of you what to focus on and guiding you through your responsibilities, ensuring that you are both fully prepared.

To book or for more information please email us on or book on our packages page.

When should I book a coaching session?

We recommend you have your sessions from 20 weeks onwards so you have lots of time to practice your techniques to prepare your mind and body for your birth. We can also offer a shorter course for Dream Mamas in the later stages of their pregnancy. If you would like to book a mini coaching call focusing on a specifc area of mindful birthing, we offer 30 minutes calls too. To book your course just email us on

**Please Note**

Our Dream Birth coaching is not medical advice and it does not replace the advice given to you by your medical team.

What is Mindful Birthing?

Mindful Birthing is a calm, gentle and positive approach to pregnancy and giving birth whatever your circumstances or birth preferences.

Mindful Birthing as practiced with the Dream Birth Company is a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth with a particular focus on the role of the birth partner too.

In a Dream Birth Company course you learn the tools to change the way you manage any fear or pain during your pregnancy and birth.

Our Deluxe and VIP packages are full antenatal, birth preparation courses. To book a taster session today please email us on

Will I be hypnotised?

No! We do not hypnotise you, you remain in control at all times. There's no hippy dippy magic going on, everything you learn is evidence based.

Can you coach me from my home?

Pre COVID 19 we did offer one to one courses coached from the comfort of your home. Now, in these uncertain times we are adhering to the guidlines and are coaching all clients online via zoom. We have always coached via zoom and realy love the qaulity of our calls online too. To book the course that is right for you email us on

How can I collaborate with you?

I am available for interview, to feature on podcasts, speak at events and I can also write tailored articles on a broad range of subjects within this space. If you are a hypnobirthing teacher and would like to join the Dream Birth team, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you - please drop us an email on