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Introducing The Dream Birth Company Group Classes.

This course takes place over two half days

Suitable from 20 weeks

Cost £295 per couple

We present to you....  

Group Classes

Meet other like minded parents-to-be on our comprehensive weekend group class. 

We keep our classes small so we can tailor it to everyone attending. Our classes are relaxed, engaging and 100% evidence based teaching. 






10 am - 5 pm


Mayfair, London.

Price per couple


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What is involved

This is an antenatal course combining hypnobirthing and mindful birthing so that you and your birth partner prepare as a team. 

You will learn 

  1. The science behind mindful birth and how it works

  2. The techniques you will need 

  3. What to expect when you have your baby 

  4. The role of the birth partner and how they can support you 

  5. How to plan for the fourth trimester / postpartum period

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Whats included


 Dream Birth Course

Birth Plan

The Role of the Birth Partner

Guided Audio 

Post Partum Plan

Breathing techniques 



Dream Dad

This was the best investment we made during pregnancy.

It was so logical and  made so much sense to me when I was beginning to feel overwhelmed .


2nd Time Dream Mama

I genuinely had a much better birth experience following our Consultation because I used and understood the breathing. 

My recovery has been so much quicker this time round and my mental state is so proud positive and happy.


New Dream Mama 

I was so scared and stressed about  birth and after the first session I felt a huge weight off my shoulder. For the first time I started to fully enjoy the pregnancy and I actually loved doing the homework. 

If you are more interested in booking a private course please take a look at our Packages Page or contact us directly to discuss.

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