Breathe. Relax. Dream.

Music composed to help you and your baby relax and sleep better.

Dream Music 

From a moment of calm to a restorative night sleep we have compiled the

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for Dream Parents and Dream Babies.


Why Music?

While you are expecting, listening to music will not only have a soothing and uplifting effect on you but also a positive influence on your unborn baby. The positive vibes that you get from listening to music will create a prenatal stimulation that will help you to bond with your unborn baby. It can enable you to lower your stress or anxiety and also reduce any stress that your unborn baby may feel in the womb.


Our Spotify Playlists: 

  • Dream Baby 

  • Dreamy Sleep

  • Chillout Pregnancy Music 

  • Overdue Mama

  • Lets Get the Oxytocin Flowing

  • Dream Dad 

  • Indie Dream Mama

  • Rock'N'Roll Dream Mama

  • Classical Dream Mama 

  • Drum and Base Dream Mama

  • Gentle Birth Soundscapes 

  • The Golden Hour Vibe 

  • Post Natal Calm and Positive 

Nicole, Dream Mama to baby Luke
pregnant lady resting her hand on her baby bump

The Dream Birth music was exactly what I need to keep my mood up and remain calm. I really believe it helped keep me positive during the early stages of labour. I love playing this music now that my baby is earth side, it's so calming for him. 

The Dream Birth Music Exclusive Playlist 
Curated just for you to enhance pregnancy and birth


Ocean DreamJavier Ferrari
00:00 / 15:18


Womb SoundsJavier Ferrari
00:00 / 15:20


White noiseJavier Ferrari
00:00 / 15:20


Mozart for babiesMozart
00:00 / 16:06


Nature soundsJavier Ferrari
00:00 / 15:24

Created by our in-house music composer and sound engineer Javier Ferrari.

These beautiful tracks are looped so you can play them continuously for as long as you like.


The Dream Birth Team.