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Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Hey there Dream Mamas! My name’s Jordy Whitaker. I’m a California native expecting our first little one this fall! Family and women’s wellbeing is a huge passion of mine and I’m excited to share some tips with you!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably expecting a little babe of your own, soon. Congratulations! With a baby coming into the world, there can come a lot of to-do’s and checklists. Those came out of nowhere, didn’t they?! One of those to-do’s is your hospital bag and I hope this list of things to pack will inspire you and put you at ease as you pack your own bag. We all have unique needs and our hospital bags can certainly reflect that. So, as I’m preparing to bring our own baby into the world, there are a few questions I’ve asked myself while preparing my hospital bag that you can ask yourself, too:

1: What are my must have items?

2: What items aren’t necessary for me or will already be provided by my hospital/caregiver? 

3: What are the items I can bring with me to create my Dream Birth environment? 

Asking myself these questions has helped me to pack a hospital bag that makes me feel prepared and at peace in having a birth space that will create personal wellbeing. I would encourage you to take some time to write down your own answers to these questions and keep your list available to revise over the months leading up to your due date.

I also suggest keeping your hospital bag out in the open so that you and your birth partner can easily add or subtract items! Having your birth partner play a role in packing will prove to be helpful as they will most likely be accessing the bag more frequently during your hospital stay.

Aim to have your bag ready by 30 weeks. And remember, have fun packing a bag that’s specific to your mama needs!

Here’s what I packed in my hospital bag.


A small, carry-on size that’s lightweight and has simple, easily visible compartments has been ideal. I ended up settling on the InCase “Novi 4 Wheel Hubless Travel Roller 22” and love it’s simplistic design!  

Tech Items:

-Bluetooth Speaker: 

I packed my Motile Bluetooth Speaker for its great sound quality and small footprint in my bag. Music is a powerful tool that can be used to positively impact your birthing environment. To make it even easier, The Dream Birth Company have created several Spotify playlists to choose from that I absolutely love and plan on using during my Dream Birth!

-Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera: An extra *fun* item! I’ve used this instant film camera to document special moments throughout my pregnancy and can’t wait to take some of baby’s first photos with it!

-Essential Oil Diffuser: Aroma is a big factor in helping me feel calm and comfortable and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils are incredible. So, I made sure to pack my favorite diffuser from DoTerra to have going in the delivery room. (keep reading to see which essential oils I’ve packed, too!)

Personal Care:

While many personal care items are provided by hospitals/caregivers, I knew I wanted the comforts of home as much as possible. So, I’ve packed my own basic-care items like shampoo/conditioner, dry shampoo, body wash, etc. to help with that. I also packed some extra *feel good* products along with those basics to help create even more of a relaxing environment for myself. After all, childbirth is energy-consuming in a multitude of ways. So, taking advantage of any self-care moment is essential. You deserve it, mama! 

-Essential Oils: I’ve trusted and loved DoTerra essential oils for a long time and packed some oils for my diffuser: Serenity blend (soothing), Citrus Bliss blend (uplifting), Balance blend (grounding) and some oils for topical use as well: Clary Sage and Jasmine (mixed with fractionated coconut oil) to help stimulate contractions, Fennel and Lavender (mixed with fractionated coconut oil) to help soothe breast’s and simulate breastmilk production, if needed. (Please discuss the use of essential oils with your healthcare professional and do your own research to make sure you feel empowered and informed with using essential oils). 

-Mobaak Palo Santo Body Oil: This body oil smells so warm and grounding and is deeply hydrating for the skin. Plus, body massage is incredibly beneficial for the new mama. You can even use this as a moment to connect with your birth partner through their soothing touch. 

-Honeygirl Organics Travel Skincare Set: This Hawaiian skincare line has saved my dry skin through pregnancy and I love that they do travel sets. Perfect for a little *mini facial* moment at the hospital! 

-Slip Eye Mask: These silk eyemasks are pure relaxation! The thick silk fabric is so cooling and can help you catch up on some serious z’s when you aren’t tending to your sweet babe.

-Pillow And Blanket: Bringing your own pillow and blanket from home will provide so much added comfort and allow you to relax that much more. 

Postpartum Care:

-Peri Bottle by Friddababy: the curved tip of the bottle is so convenient and will be a huge help since toilet paper may be a no-go for a bit. 

-Reusable Nursing Pads: I found these organic cotton nursing pads on Amazon that are really comfortable and I love that they’re reusable! 

-Earth Mama Perineal Spray and Perineal Balm: Both of these organic perineal care items provide a cooling and healing effect. Please and thank you!

-Earth Mama Nipple Balm: This organic nipple balm provides relief from dry, cracked nipples and doesn’t need to be removed before nursing. A win win!


-Nursing Bras: I packed two of my favorite nursing bras from Lively. They are so soft and dare I say...they’re even sexy! Yes please! (surprise! use my code: AMB-jordy.whitaker for 10% off!).

-Black Undies: We’ve all seen the mesh undies that are provided by hospitals/caregivers and trust me, I know I’ll be so grateful for them (and will most definitely be snagging extras to take home with me)! But, I’ve packed a few of my favorite black undies just in case! I’ve worn these ones from Target through my whole pregnancy. They are silky-soft and pretty!

-Nursing Friendly Nightgowns: Again, hospital gowns will be provided, but I want to make sure I’m as comfortable as possible and these nightgowns are unbelievably soft. They also have a very wide, stretchy neckline which make them perfect for breastfeeding! 

-Tank Top: I’ve loved these soft tank tops from Isabel Maternity. A perfect layering basic that also has an ideal, wide neckline for breastfeeding. 

-Leggings: The “Align Pant” from Lululemon have been my absolute favorite to wear throughout my whole pregnancy. With minimal seams and super-stretchy material, these make me feel like I’m almost wearing nothing! 

-Nursing Scarf/Wrap: My Lululemon Scarf/Wrap always makes me feel more put-together when thrown over my tank top and leggings. Plus, the flowy fabric is perfect as a nursing cover if you’d like it to be! 

-Socks: I packed two pairs of these cotton socks from Muji. The neutral colors and soft fabric are a perfect match for keeping cozy!

-Robe: This robe from Anthropologie is my absolute favorite. Wonderfully cozy cotton and the feeling of being home on a Saturday morning! 

-Going Home Dress: This dress from Hatch Collection has been a go-to for comfort and style through my pregnancy. It feels like you’re wearing a cozy blanket while looking effortlessly chic! 

-Flip Flops: My favorite pair of leather flip flops from Rainbow go with everything and are so easy to slip on when you need to get around. 

Diaper Bag/Baby Goodies:

-Diaper Bag: I adore my Petunia Pickle Bottom Pathway Pack. It’s so functional and pretty. The layout of the pockets/compartments is very simple, making all of your baby and mama gear accessible. 

-Klean Kanteen: Stay hydrated, mama! 

-Snacks: I packed some of my favorites like dried fruit and nuts for simple snacking that leaves me feeling satisfied and energized.

-Baby’s Going Home Outfit: Super soft and snuggly, this Kyte Baby footed-onesie and beanie are perfect for baby’s first car ride home! 

-Diapers & Wipes: You’ll be provided with plenty of diapers and wipes from your hospital/caregiver. But, I’ve packed a few in my bag just in case they’re needed. We’ve decided to use Pampers Pure. These diapers and wipes are free from chlorine bleach, fragrance, parabens and latex...wonderfully simple for baby’s little tooshy! 

-Hand Sanitizer: If you’re anything like me, just seeing a hospital makes you want to wash your hands! The OnGuard hand sanitizer from DoTerra is my favorite with its warming citrus-spice scent and non-drying formula. 

-Pacifier: These natural rubber pacifiers from HEVEA are adorable and aren’t filled with toxic materials that I don’t want baby ingesting. Plus, HAVEA have a great up-cycling program for used pacifiers. I love any opportunity to recycle and lessen my carbon footprint!

-Lovey: This organic, merino wool pacifier lovey by Hvid is so unbelievably soft. Perfect for baby to clutch onto while using their paci! 

-Burp Cloth: Another *just in case* item! I love these organic cotton burp cloths from Green Sprouts that I found on Amazon in a multi-pack. 

-Swaddling Blanket: For baby’s first snuggle sesh, I packed this beautiful swaddling blanket from Malabar Baby. I love the soft, breathable cotton and heirloom quality. 

While I hope this list is helpful as you begin packing your own hospital bag, remember that we all have our unique needs in creating a peaceful space for ourselves and our baby. We can’t wait to hear what has inspired you in packing your own hospital bag essentials to take with you for your Dream Birth! 

Happy packing and congratulations, Dream Mama!


Jordy Whitaker.

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