Virtual Baby Shower 101

If you are expecting a baby right now, we bet the idea of planning a virtual baby shower was far from your mind a mere few weeks ago. Alas, we now find ourselves in quarantine, staying home to keep everyone healthy and safe. The good news is it doesn't mean that you have to cancel the joy and love of a baby shower.

Introducing…...The Virtual Baby Shower. 

If you have always dreamed of celebrating your baby's impending arrival with a baby shower, we understand the disappointment you may be feeling at the moment. This is totally normal and natural. Here, at the dream birth company we want to support you and make sure the joys of pregnancy aren't completely lost due to the coronavirus. From speaking to our own clients and seeing how some parents-to-be are being creative we thought we would share some ideas. 

Arrival parties 

Some Instagram mamas are instead planning an arrival party for when their little one arrives earthside and when the restrictions are lifted. 

A baby shower for 3 

Other parents-to-be are marking the occasion of their would be baby shower date by still wearing that beautiful baby shower dress (that was carefully chosen weeks before), if they had decorations already ordered...they are still kitting out their living room and baking that delicious cake. Then alls that's left for you to do is pose to your hearts content and capturing the moment using their timer on your phone. 


Joining us on this post is Jessica Pearson, founder of Bonjour Baby Showers. She reveals her top tops on how to throw a successful virtual baby shower with ease.  

1. Create a guest list and e-invites. 

Compile a guest list for your virtual baby shower and select a time and date that works for everyone. Saturday is a great option for a celebration, as none of the guests will be preoccupied with work and will have plenty of time to enjoy the virtual party. 

There are lots of different platforms to choose from for the video call and each of them have different limits on the number of participants. 

  • House party: 8 guests maximum

  • Whatsapp: 16 guests maximum

  • Facetime: 32 guests maximum (IOS only)

  • Skype: 50 guests maximum 

  • Zoom: 100 guests maximum on free plan for 40 minutes

An e-invitation is a great way to invite your guests to this virtual party and to acknowledge this special event. There are lots of great options available to help you create personalised e-invitations for your baby shower, just make sure to include all the key information on how to access the call and any items they may need to have on hand such as paper and pens for games etc.  

  1. Paperless Post has some great templates that can be emailed to all guests at a minimal cost. 

  2. Canva's free editing platform is a great option to create personalised e-invitations with photos of the mum-to-be that can be sent via text, whatsapp or email. 

  3. Etsy has some great e-invitations for a virtual baby shower that can be instantly downloaded and customised. 

  4. Finally a Facebook event can be a great way to invite a large number of guests and let them know all the key information.

2. Decorations

Baby Shower in a Box is a great gift package to send the mum to be ahead of the virtual baby shower to make her feel as special as possible. The mum-to-be will love the decorations and it will help the virtual event feel unique and as close to the real event as possible, so she doesn't feel as if she is missing out. 

3. Games

Baby Shower games are often one of the highlights at a celebration, so the fun games including baby prediction cards are a great way to entertain your guests at the virtual party. 

There are lots of baby shower games that will easily work on a group call and will still be loads of fun with lots of giggles for all involved.

Embarrassing baby stories

It's easy to guess how this one works - each guest can tell a funny childhood story.

Don't say that!

Choose one word (could be baby!) that everyone is forbidden from using. If you say it 'your out' last one standing is the winner.

Mama or Dada

Create a slideshow using photos of relatives of either parent to be. The challenge is to guess who do they look like - mama or dada?

4. Gifts

If possible, send some of the key gifts to the mum-to-be ahead of the event so that she has something to open at the virtual celebration. Alternatively you have a mixture with your guests unwrapping some of your presents for you too. 

5. Music

Play the FREE baby shower playlist at your virtual celebration to help everyone get into the party mood. With over 50 memorable songs with 'baby' in the title, it can also double as a fantastic game where guests can guess the song and artist.

Happy planning and celebrating!

Big thank you to Jessica for contributing to this blog post. To find out more about Bonjour Baby Shower click hereUse the code VIRTUAL at the checkout for 20% off Baby Shower in a Box

About the author:

Jess Pearson, founder of Bonjour Baby Showers created the Baby Shower in a Box to make hosting a beautiful baby shower a breeze. Established from her kitchen table in Cornwall, all of the products are exclusively designed in the UK and are guaranteed to save you time and effort. Follow Bonjour Baby Showers on Instagram and Facebook for exciting updates, styling ideas and tips.

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