Mindful Sex


Reintroducing intimacy during pregnancy or for the first time after birth can feel like a momentous moment. Our audio will enhance your pleasure and take the pressure off. Mindful sex is slow, relaxing and enjoyable. The complete opposite to mindless sex.

Breathe deeply

Allow us to transport you to the dreamy destination of Tulum, Mexico

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Mindful Sex Triology

3 guided audio tracks to enjoy with your partner or solo.
You decide.

Introduction to Mindful Sex with Body Scan.

Learn how with this extended guided meditation.


Positive Affirmations for Dream Mama.

Feel like a goddess again.  


Mindful Sex Body Scan.

Learn how with this guided meditation. 

Dreamy Tulum. 

An erotic bedtime tale to inspire and empower.

Introduction to Mindful SexErika Lee
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Positive Affirmations for Mindful SexErika Lee
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Mindful Sex Body ScanErika Lee
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Dreamy Tulum A Sensual StoryErika Lee
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Learn the tools of mindful sex.

Approach sex in a more intimate and empowering way.


You'll be amazed when you experience a deeper connection to the sensations you are feeling.

Image by Toa Heftiba of a couple cuddling together in bed
Image by Ava Sol of a womans legs in bed

Listen together or enjoy solo.

These tracks are designed for you to enjoy on your own or with your partner.


The idea is to rebuild your confidence when it comes to pleasure and self love.

Enhance your pleasure and reach new levels of intimacy. 

Did you know an orgasm during slow and mindful sex can be 10 X more powerful.


You learn to become less distracted and more in tune with the physical sensations you are feeling.


 Being “present” is critical.

Image by Nathan Dumlao of a couple standing by the seashore at sunset hugging

What people are saying 


This was exactly what I needed. A fun way to have sex again without the pressure. The affirmations were awesome! 

- New DreamMama 


I didn't think this was going to be a cup of tea but boy was I wrong! I had no idea how distracted I am during sex, now I am practicing paying attention more and loving it. 

- New Dream Mama 

What is Mindful Sex 

Put most simply, mindful sex is the opposite of mindless sex. It is an intimate experience of sexual connection that is free from any outcome or goal. Mindful sex is all about paying attention to the pleasurable sensations that arise within you during a sexual encounter. Mindful sex helps you to show up in complete presence so that you can enjoy the intimate moment you’re participating in. It is especially helpful in reigniting the passion for a couple who wishes to enhance and energize the spark in their love life.

The science behind mindful sex

Improves quality of sleep.


Increase sexual arousal.

Lessens physical pain.

Foster a deeper connection.

Boosts body confidence.

Erotic Music

We have curated a sensual playlist to get you in the mood and set the scene should you decide to experiment with sensual music as a guide.

“ Supporting parents through early parenthood is very important to us. Sex during pregnancy and after birth can be a source of stress for many. Mindful sex is a tool you can use to introduce sex and physical pleasure back into your life.  We are proud to be at the fore front of this movement". 

- Clodagh, Creator of Mindful Sex for parents.

You won't regret trying

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